Behind the scenes of SynergistEIC: Reflecting on progress and planning for the future

A quick update on what´s been happening behind the scenes at SynergistEIC.

After the awesome EICSummit, our team gathered in Brussels for our second physical consortium meeting.

It was a chance for us to catch up and reflect on the past 15 months. We talked about the highs, the lows, and the lessons we have learned along the way. Most importantly, we hashed out plans for our upcoming next batch of startups set to join us on this ride.

We brainstormed how to best support these upcoming startups. From mentoring to networking, we’re all in to help them make their mark in the GreenTech world.

As we say goodbye to Brussels and get back to work, we are excited for what is ahead.
Keep an eye out for more updates as we continue to fuel innovation with SynergistEIC!


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