Cohort #2

The second Open Call has selected a total of 16 startups. Of these, 6 have been chosen for the EIC track, while 10 have been
welcomed into the Non-EIC track. Each of these selected startups is set to receive financial
support of up to 50,000 Euros, empowering them to accelerate their groundbreaking initiatives
and drive innovation in the GreenTech sector.

6 funded startups of the EIC-Applicants Track: –Earthquake AI-based monitoring and forecasting system.

Grawindy – Unlocking universal wind power with innovative, low-wind, omni-directional Grawindy Unit. Sustainable energy, simplified.

Greendur – Clean tech startup focus on industrial decarbonization through high-efficiency and innovative thermal energy storage systems

Microfy.AI – Affordable AI-powered devices for automated quality analysis within the Agrifood industry.

Ondo Solutions –Transform the way small and mid-size farmers monitor, irrigate, fertilize and protect their crops

Sensing Solutions – Revolutionizes air and water monitoring for a cleaner and safer environment with patented sensor technology and real-time detection of pollutants.

10 funded startups of the Non-EIC-Applicants Track:

3D- Components AS Ai-driven automation systems for robotic welding and additive manufacturing technologies, aiming to revolutionize industrial sectors with efficiency and precision.

Solsign – The first intelligent solar property portal

XSOFT – Developing software such as MOM, MES, SCADA and ERP systems for small, medium and large manufacturers.

Eleon Energy Systems –Innovative clean energy solutions for small-scale agriculture and domestic needs.

Klarifi – Clear data about unclear water

Luxeed Robotics B.V. –Using lasers and AI to kill weeds, promoting organic and regenerative farming.

Plan Z  –Innovative plant biotech solutions

MultiFluidX – A software company which develops state-of-the-art computational modelling solutions for the energy sector.

Owners Partners S.L. – An R&D+I company specialized in product development engineering (hardware & software) and strategic innovation consulting.

OptySun – Revolutionary technology for obtaining clean and safe water right on site


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