Synergies Projects

Sisters Projects

X2.0 is an EU-funded deeptech growth programme that seeks to ensure the scaling up of EU deeptech startups by providing custom, industry-focused, 5 months growth programmes that will act as a catalyst in delivering market-ready applications and technology solutions in 5 key impact areas: Manufacturing & Circular Economy, AgriTech, HealthTech & BioTech, Smart Cities and Sustainability, and Data & A.I.)

Ventures Thrive is a venture-building action crafted to propel the growth of Widening Area Countries deep tech ventures in the Energy, Marine, Agriculture, and Health-related Sectors. Two cycles of startups gain access to a substantial €1.5 million equity-free capital, and a vibrant international community comprising corporate partners, investors, and distinguished industry leaders. Ventures Thrive helps startups to set and follow a proven Masterplan and KPI process, driving each company’s progress towards meeting their particular goals in business, product development and fundraising.
In partnership with Acceler8, Anthology Ventures, and Wolves Summit, Ventures Thrive is honored to secure funding from the European Union. This strategic alliance is pivotal in establishing a comprehensive and robust support ecosystem, fostering the success of deep tech ventures on their journey to success.

D2XCEL is a collaborative pan-European scaling programme, bringing together a top-tier industry network of 200+ investors, public and private lead customers, and innovation hubs to support 100 deep tech and digital ventures in Transport, Logistics, Trade, and Smart Cities. The project is funded by the EU.


Other EIC Projects

The Fintech Investor Network and Ecosystem aims to build stronger connections among fintech networks. Our goal is to encourage investors to collaborate and invest together in fintech startups. The FINE approach will create a more vibrant investment environment, fostering European-wide innovation, and helping companies grow across borders.

The (public) procurement of innovation (POI) provides expertise, guidance, tools and networks connecting the business and public sectors. The EU-funded PROCEDIN project will accelerate POI adoption in two critical areas of innovation – circular economy and green mobility – in the context of European cities’ innovation for sustainability and resilience agendas.

AccelerAction is on a mission to connect and empower European DeepTech ecosystems. Guided with the unique methodology rooted in an open science approach, AccelerAction aims to bring business and innovation opportunities to the doorstep of every DeepTech startup and accelerator in Europe.

The acquisition of innovation by public and private organisations enables better and more efficient service delivery to citizens and customers. These organisations can acquire innovation via direct procurement from the market when a mature solution is available. However, frequently public and private buyers have unmet needs that require innovative solutions that are not yet in the market.

InnoBuyer is a Coordination and Support Action, funded by the European Union, that aims to become a testing ground and benchmark towards the implementation of a demand-driven methodology that brings together Challengers (public and private organisations) and Solvers (SMEs), to jointly co-create innovative solutions, and speed-up the procurement of innovation.

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