Cohort #1

The first Open Call has selected a total of 15 startups, marking an exciting beginning to the
SynergistEIC journey. Of these, 5 have been chosen for the EIC track, while 10 have been
welcomed into the Non-EIC track. Each of these selected startups is set to receive financial
support of up to 50,000 Euros, empowering them to accelerate their groundbreaking initiatives
and drive innovation in the GreenTech sector.

5 funded startups of the EIC-Applicants Track:

World from Space – Timing and variable rate application

Konree Innovation – Deep Tech for salmon aquaculture – reliably managing the problem of sea lice

Cedrion – Vehicle Electric Cooling System


LightMirror – Reflective panels that bring sunlight into hospitals and care homes

Archee – a free flow energy company

10 funded startups of the Non-EIC-Applicants Track:

Traken – A data tracking, management and exploitation tool for smart electrical grids based on Blockchain technology that connects small-scale renewable energy producers to the power market

AlongRoute – Weather Ship Routing Systems Fail to Perform As Expected Due To Poor Marine Weather Predictions

HODLNG – Cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions aimed at addressing climate-related challenges and fostering sustainability

Agrovisio – Dıgıtal agrıcultural platform

Smart Farm Robotic – The fully autonomous smart weeding robot

VÓNG Secure & innovative IT services for sustainable businesses

Regrowth – Live Environmental & Animal Feedback

Roboticssa – Kiwi fruit classification with hyperspectral imaging in the Vis/NIR regions.

Innorma – Solar Atmospheric Water Generator

PlanetAI – Health through green tech for air quality and people’s well-being

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