EIC Summit: Scaling European Deeptech with Startup Europe

 We are excited to share some remarkable highlights from the recent #EIC Summit 2024, which took place in the vibrant city of Brussels. Our team had the privilege of presenting the session “Scaling European Deeptech with Startup Europe,” alongside our sister projects Ventures Thrive and X2.0.

Scaling European Deeptech with Startup Europe Event featured two main sessions:

– The PROJECT showcase and

– The STARTUP showcase.

In the PROJECT showcase, initiatives from Ventures Thrive, SynergistEIC, and X2.0 were highlighted, illustrating our purpose and impact.

The STARTUP showcase featured presentations from startups like VCG, Green0meter, iLof, BrachyDose, and SmartFarm Robotics, emphasizing their problem-solving solutions and technological advancements.

Additionally, there was a discussion with Ana Barjasic, an EIC Board Member, addressing policy issues affecting deeptech startups.

The event concluded with a discussion on investing in widening countries, exploring strategies for fostering innovation in these regions.

Overall, the event provided a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration in advancing European deeptech.

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