Archee is a Slovak technology startup specializing in the field of alternative renewable energy sources and focusing primarily on the development of free flow solutions. Archee strives to combine technological ingenuity with environmental and sustainable approaches in mind and utilize nature-inspired designs to enable citizens, cities and societies achieve their clean energy goals.




Energy and Climate – Renewable Hydro Energy


Free Flow solutions



Innovative solution:

SPEARhydro is a first-of-its-kind floating hydro power plant that provides clean and stable electricity by harnessing the natural flow of rivers. It revolutionizes the utilization of rivers by enabling sustainable energy production directly in cities and urban areas.

By providing old floating structures with SPEARhydro ad-on and deploying new SPEARhydro modules, we aim to create a paradigm shift in how rivers are utilized.

Meet the team

Martin Sichman

Michal Kovacs

Marek Dordae

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