EARTHQUAKE AI-BASED MONITORING AND FORECASTING SYSTEM revolutionizes disaster preparedness and mitigation by leveraging AI and space technologies for advanced earthquake forecasting and risk assessment. By analyzing vast amounts of space weather and satellite data, identifies patterns and detects anomalies, providing insights that surpass traditional methods. This multichannel approach integrates various measurements linked to seismic activity, offering a comprehensive understanding of earthquake hazards. aims to give alerts days before earthquakes, significantly enhancing the ability to protect lives, secure assets, and build climate resilience, especially in vulnerable regions.


Climate Tech, InsurTech, Space Tech


AI, Machine learning, Hardware, Big data



Innovative solution:

AI and space technology integration.

Multichannel data analysis by integrating diverse measurements related to seismic activity, offering a holistic view of potential earthquake precursors.

Extended warning lead time.

Climate resilience enhancement by mitigating the compounded impacts of earthquakes in regions already facing environmental and economic challenges.

Climate Tech, InsurTech, Space Tech

AstroTeq - Video

Meet the team

Noemi Zabari

Itamar Zabari

Kevin Almeida Cheminant

Katsiaryna Katrankova

Kamil Zielinski

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