Eleon energy systems srl is a Romanian start-up at the intersection of clean energy and technology, focused on developing globally applicable clean energy innovations. Addressing the challenges posed by the growing world population and the increasing need for renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, Eleon leverages research to create new concepts for water and energy systems. These renewable energy solutions are specifically designed for small-scale agriculture and household needs, aiming to provide efficient and sustainable alternatives to traditional methods.


Clean Tech


Internet of Things (IoT)



Innovative solution:

 Eleon addresses the critical issue of water extraction for small-scale farmers and households, especially in remote areas with weak electrical infrastructure, through several innovative solutions:
  • Harnessing wind energy: Eleon uses wind power, reducing dependency on electricity and fossil fuels, significantly lowering operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Modular and accessible design: Inspired by the IKEA model, Eleon’s design simplifies installation and relocation, making it accessible to users without technical expertise. This flexibility addresses the need for adaptable and user-friendly water extraction solutions.
  • Versatile applications: Eleon’s solutions serve diverse needs—from agricultural irrigation to household and animal husbandry—making them suitable for a broad range of applications in agriculture and domestic settings.

Additionally, the wind turbine with a water pump can provide data on environmental parameters (wind, humidity, temperature) through its IoT component. This enables extensive and frequent monitoring of areas, including isolated ones, and the creation of databases for predicting environmental factors.

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Meet the team

Dan Lungu

Eduard Harasti

Madalina Ilie

Minodora Stoica

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