The industrial sector still relies heavily on fossil fuels, contributing severely to climate change. Greendur addresses this critical challenge by pioneering high-energy-density latent heat thermal energy storage (TES), a key technology for realizing industrial decarbonization ambitions needed to achieve net-zero objectives.

Our innovative TES solution maximizes energy cost savings and ensures a higher penetration of renewable energy in industry. By charging our thermal battery with excess renewable energy (like solar-PV or wind), off-peak grid electricity, or waste heat, Greendur helps balance energy supply and demand, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing emissions. Ideal for high energy-demand industries, we offer significant reduction of energy cost and scope one carbon footprint together with enhanced energy independence.


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Thermal Energy Storage



Innovative solution:

Greendur’s multifunctional and compact latent heat thermal energy storage system, offering 2 MWh and 500 kW in a 20-feet container, delivers clean heat up to 350 ºC with more than 90% efficiency. Our system boasts higher energy density than benchmarks due to the use of phase change materials. It’s a scalable, real plug-and-play solution, ensuring a 20-year lifetime. Greendur stands virtually unchallenged by competitors, thanks to its unique focus on medium-temperature process heat. Only a handful of companies around the world are focused on latent heat storage for industrial applications, and none of these competitors operate in the intermediate temperature range, despite 50% of industrial demand being up to 400 ºC. Our solution is also more affordable than Li-ion batteries and hydrogen options, thanks to lower initial costs and higher efficiency throughout its lifespan.

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Meet the team

Jesús Castillo Yera (CEO)

Alba Jiménez Pagán (CTO)

Iñigo Gorri Garrido (COO)

Dámaris Martínez Rodríguez (Product Owner)

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