Our platform revolutionizes the LNG industry by digitalizing green LNG assets and transforming them into a premium differentiated product. We recognize low-carbon processes as crucial differentiators in today’s market. One of the standout advantages of our platform is the empowerment it offers to users in control over creating and monetizing data assets tied to specific LNG volumes. This capability allows them to collaboratively prove and verify the low- carbon processes and green credentials associated with their products. By fostering a transparent and trustworthy process for validating sustainability initiatives, our platform sets a new industry standard. 


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Innovative solution:

One of the barriers to boosting the potential of green LNG markets in the EU nowadays is a notable lack of trust in the credibility of explicit environmental claims (green claims) and the misleading sustainability of carbon-neutral LNG products. The problem is a lack of transparency and reliability regarding the level of GHG emitted even those submitted to third-party verification, and the quality of offset by nature-based projects. The carbon neutrality of LNG proceeds from an amount of GHG compensated by carbon credits certified by an organization, deriving from CO2 reduction projects, such as reforestation. The LNG industry faces challenges due to complex and heterogeneous data, from diverse providers, products, units, and operations. Climate-related claims have been shown to be particularly prone to being unclear and ambiguous and to mislead buyers and end-consumers. This leads to significant risks of overestimations and double counting of both avoided/reduced emissions, due to a lack of transparency, accuracy, accountability, and sharing of reliable data with high granularity.


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