Innorma ArGe A.S.


Innorma ArGe A.S.

Innorma R&D is a cleantech company focusing on innovative solutions in solar energy, sustainable energy technologies, waste heat recovery, and renewable energy in agriculture. We offer a range of cleantech solutions, including solar thermal collectors, solar atmospheric water generators, evaporative coolers, solar assisted heat pumps, heat recovery units, anD THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS. Innorma R&D is committed to optimizing today’s technologies and creating a sustainable and eco-friendly future through research and development in green technology


Climate tech, Clean tech and Agrıcultural Irrigation


Solar energy technology, renewable energy systems, thermodynamics and atmospheric water generation methods



Innovative solution:

The project’s innovative solutions include a Solar Atmospheric Water Generator (S-AWG) that leverages solar energy, advanced moisture transfer methods, and independent cooling mechanisms to extract water from the atmosphere. This sustainable technology provides clean water and supports agricultural water needs, reducing reliance on traditional sources and promoting eco-friendly practices in regions facing water scarcity. It represents a pioneering approach to addressing water scarcity challenges and advancing cleantech solutions

Meet the team

Mahmut Sami BUKER

Muhammed Yahya Erdem

Ahmet Emre Onay

Serhat Yıldırım

Ahmet Ertant

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