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Multifluidx is an independent software vendor that develops advanced computational-fluid-dynamics (cfd) software for various industries in the fields of chemical, automotive, nuclear, maritime, health engineering where complex processes are involved. Mfx team has developed the engineering software mpflow® for problems that demand state-of-the-art computer simulations that allow engineers & scientists to perform accurate and quick engineering analyses. Our mission is the de-risking of renewable energy and fuel technologies through novel digital tools for faster testing of complex energy systems. The company leads the development of a novel fluids simulation technology that combines ai for 3d flow predictions for industrial fluid flows which is implemented in the simulator mpflow®. This is the first such platform in industry, making multifluidx one of the few companies in the eu that can drive the evolution of this technology to facilitate physics-informed decision-making designs in green technologies. Mfx’s team has a multidisciplinary team with a strong track record and a proven contribution leading r&d projects with pioneering research groups and companies worldwide.


Green Tech


Machine learning, Simulation, Hydrogen



Innovative solution:

Multifluidx’s software mpflow® enables digital engineering thanks to its advanced utilities and scientific tools embedded. This is a state-of-the-art computer simulator that can predict the flow of H2 at least 5000% faster than any other digital solution, thanks to its machine learning technology. This digital twin significantly improves on existing similar products and consulting services. Users can run multiple virtual 3d tests in the computer, predicting how small-scale mechanical parts such as pipes, storage vessels, pumps or whole-scale energy systems such as cabin storage of H2 in a H2-fueled aircraft behave, while H2 operates under various pressures and temperatures.

Meet the team

Dinesh Bhatia

john loukas

Konstantinos Lyras

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