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Portable solution for full-cycle on-site water treatment

The OptySun Water Filters project aims to introduce an innovative, solar-powered water purification system into the disaster relief supplies market. This market is estimated to be worth over $20 billion and is growing due to the increasing incidence of natural disasters worldwide.

This project addresses the urgent need for accessible, reliable, and sustainable drinking water solutions in the aftermath of such disasters. The OptySun Filter specifically addresses the needs of emergency response organizations, NGOs, governmental agencies, and the affected populations who require immediate access to safe drinking water during crises.

Its ability to reduce CO2 emissions and plastic waste by minimizing reliance on bottled water further enhances its appeal to eco-conscious groups and aligns with global sustainability goals.




Hardware product



Innovative solution:

Initiated by a Ukrainian team, the OptySun Water Filters project aims to revolutionize the European Clean-Tech landscape with its innovative solar-powered water purification system. The technology at the heart of OptySun combines mechanical filtration, ozonation, and UV treatment, ensuring high-quality water purification without reliance on external power sources, making it ideal for emergency situations and remote areas.

The decision to establish a presence in Finland leverages the country’s key role in global and European humanitarian efforts, enhancing OptySun’s ability to meet European regulatory standards and tap into a network of potential partners and investors. This strategic move is designed to bolster the project’s market penetration and scalability, ensuring its successful commercialization and broader impact.

OptySun’s mission is to provide accessible, clean drinking water through a portable, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution, addressing a critical global challenge and contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6

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Meet the team

2024-07-03 17

Bohdan Vorobiov

Roman Tomashevskyi

Polina Kravtsova

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