GREENFUSE - Sustainable production of plant-based biopharmaceuticals

Project Greenfuse is tackling a pressing sustainability challenge in the medical cannabis industry, characterized by rapid growth, intense competition, and increasing environmental footprint. As the industry struggles to meet the surging market demand for high-quality medication, producers are looking for solutions to improve production efficiency and sustainability. Greenfuse effectively bridges this gap by introducing FLOEM Plant Stem Infusion (PSI), a patent-pending biotech innovation that simultaneously increases cannabis production and decreases carbon footprint.


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Innovative solution:

FLOEM is the world’s first commercial PSI, developed by the Slovenian biotech startup Plan Z through 4 years of research. It functions similarly to intravenous (I.V.) infusion but is designed to work with plants, directly infusing them with essential micro- and macro-nutrients, metabolites, and growth factors. Unlike traditional root or foliar nutrient delivery, FLOEM precisely injects nutrients directly into the stem, enabling efficient infusion of otherwise undeliverable macromolecules (carbon source), essential for growth. This enables plants to grow faster and produce higher yields while reducing the environmental impact of large-scale cultivation.

Plan Z - Video

Meet the team

Klemen Zupancic

Luka Zupancic

Sabrina Lakotta

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