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We create innovative automation solutions designed to enhance work efficiency. These technologies not only improve the quality and consistency of human labor but also significantly augment the abilities of professionals in the field. Robotics Solutions Advisor S.L. (RoboticsSA) specializes in the conceptualization, fabrication, and implementation of fully integrated, turnkey production lines. The company possesses extensive expertise in cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and the most recent developments in the realm of industrial automation.




Deep Neurnonal network (CNN)



Innovative solution:

KIWINIR is a project that uses several deep technologies, such as AI, machine learning, big data, hyperspectral imaging, to provide a non-destructive, reliable, and efficient solution for classifying fruit ripeness.

We propose to use a machine learning algorithm that can analyze the hyperspectral information in the Vis/NIR regions of the fruits. The algorithm should be able to extract relevant features from the spectral data, such as the absorbance, reflectance, or scattering of light, and to use these features to classify the ripeness of the fruits.

The use of hyperspectral information in the Vis/NIR regions is a convenient approach for non-destructive classification of fruit ripening for a number of reasons.

Meet the team

Ignacio Secades

Cristóbal Andrés

Alberto Ferreiro

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