Smart Farm Robotics Ltd


Smart Farm Robotics Ltd

We are a Bulgarian agri-tech start-up founded with a clear mission in mind – help farmers successfully tackle weeds with a cost-effective, scalable alternative to human labor, pesticides and machine tilling. Our invention is based on a light-weighted, solar powered, 4-wheeled rover using several contact and non-contact methods to effectively kill weeds. The AI based on deep neural networks helps us spot the weeds among desired plants in many different conditions. In addition, our robot is able to self-navigate in and around the fields without human intervention or expensive precision-positioning equipment, using proprietary algorithms combined with several off-the-shelf sensors. We will first target market are the organic farmers of herbal and aromatic plants who face some of the highest costs when it comes to precision weeding. Our initial geographic focus is on the arid and hilly regions of Southern Europe where climate, soil and weather conditions present very specific and particularly challenging barriers to any automated weeding solution.




Machine Learning, AI, Robotics



Innovative solution:

Some innovative solutions are: 

  1. AI-Powered Weed Detection
  2. Solar-Powered Automation
  3. Eco-Friendly Removal Methods
  4. Operational Flexibility

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Meet the team

Kalina Stancheva

Rossen Kolev

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