TRAKEN is a clean tech startup that uses deep tech towards green transition. We have developed a hybrid blockchain infrastructure that will enable interoperability and synchronization with other Blockchain networks, creating the marketplace for exchange of data, certificates and value in the energy sector. The system consists of a hybrid Blockchain protocol, smart contracts and Ricardian contracts, and a data pipeline. By enabling seamless flow of data between different Blockchains, TRAKEN resolves data silos and validation of events and interactions (time-tempering), thus facilitating the key elements for digitalization of business activities between various stakeholders in power grids, executed by these smart contracts. TRAKEN platform vastly complements the self-sovereign identity (SSI) concept, preservation and management of personal data in compliance with GDPR policy. After we establish this platform on the market, the next step is the development of highly innovative zero-knowledge rollups that are being researched right now, which allows one to verify the validity of an information without revealing the information itself. 







Innovative solution:

TRAKEN solves the challenges of integrating decentralized energy sources into overcrowded power networks. It enhances integrity, security, transparency and simplification in energy trading, making it accessible for small-scale producers too.

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Meet the team

Strahinja Vukoičić

Nemanja Petrović

Pavle Batuta

Ana Trifković

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