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World from Space is a Czech deep-tech company that utilizes satellite and geospatial data to create positive impacts in agriculture, NewSpace, and beyond. WFS’s operational product, DynaCrop API, optimizes precision agriculture activities such as fertilization, seeding, and soil sampling by using tailored prescription maps. Since its launch, DynaCrop has helped increase crop yields by up to 15% and decrease inputs by up to 20%, saving farmers up to €250 per hectare. WFS is preparing the Czech national smallsat mission AMBIC, lunar mission LUGO, and ORBIS, a ground segment data processing service for Earth Observation satellite operators and manufacturers. ORBIS is providing clean, normalized, transformed, and analysis-ready data that can be safely used. WFS is working on commercial contracts, R&D projects with the European Space Agency (ESA), EU Agency for Space Programs (EUSPA), and in international consortiums on Horizon, LIFE, and other research projects.




Satellite data, AI, ML, API, IOT, Cloud Computing


Czech Republic

Innovative solution:

Medium and smaller farms without a professional agronomical background can highly benefit from timing recommendations and quality prescription maps for variable rate applications without the need to use the services of costly and at peak times unavailable agricultural consultants. Medium and large farms benefit from the automation in optimization and prioritization of field activities, which are the key for efficient farm economy especially when fields are spread out and thorough in-person observations and evaluations are not feasible. Moreover, the service improves activity planning which is one of the key areas affecting employee satisfaction.

Meet the team

Jan Labohý

Ervin Csőke

Peter Hapčo

Jan Göth

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