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Zelus PC

Established in 2019, ZELUS PC is a start-up that is based in Greece. Empowered by an experienced, skillful team, ZELUS focuses on services and tools promoting increased productivity among data practitioners via meaningful data storytelling and enhanced decision-making. ZELUS employs advanced visualization techniques that allow scalable data visualization approaches which with the help of AI capabilities foster exploratory data analysis and recognition of hidden insights. Real-time data analysis, interactive representations, shareable dashboards, and collaborative capabilities are key features of the company’s offerings. Moreover, focusing on security by design, ZELUS helps its customers realize a secure operating environment for their IT infrastructure promoting cybersecurity-related situational awareness. Targeting decision-makers and security analysts, our services span from collection and analysis of systems (e.g. analysis of infrastructure monitoring logs, security incidents, and digital evidence) to network security services and privacy-preserving systems to enhance users’ data management and protection. Zelus’s technical department will take care of the development of the web and mobile-served application as well as the integration with third-party services.


Circular Economy


Mobile App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing



Innovative solution:

VÒNG was designed in such a way as to cover a wide range of possibilities for extending the life cycle of a garment, to be used by everyone in domestic or international contexts, contributing to redefining the fashion industry by placing it on new bases, those of the circular economy.

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