SynergistEIC Accelerator Programme for GreenTech Startups Showcased at Techsylvania Event

Techsylvania, the premier tech conference known for inspiring innovation and fostering knowledge exchange, played host to our SynergistEIC project, offering a 6-month accelerator programme to GreenTech startups. 

Techsylvania has long been recognized as a gathering place for individuals seeking inspiration, the latest tech trends, and invaluable insights from some of the brightest minds in the industry. The conference prides itself on presenting groundbreaking ideas and facilitating discussions on pivotal issues that arise at the intersection of business and technology. With impressive numbers that include 3,500 participants, 70 esteemed speakers, 27 satellite events, and 60 engaging workshops, Techsylvania’s conference scene truly represents the heart of the tech community.

SynergistEIC project made its presence at Techsylvania by setting up a booth that attracted attention from both participants and fellow exhibitors. The booth served as a central hub for disseminating information about the project’s open call to benefit a 6-month accelerator programme, specifically tailored to empower and propel GreenTech startups forward. By offering targeted support, mentorship, and resources, SynergistEIC aims to assist entrepreneurs in transforming their innovative ideas into viable and sustainable businesses.

Throughout the event, the SynergistEIC team actively engaged with attendees, explaining the objectives and benefits of ynergistEIC’s accelerator programme. Entrepreneurs and aspiring startup founders had the opportunity to learn about the project’s open calls, which provide a pathway for interested GreenTech startups to apply and join our accelerator programme. By participating in the programme, entrepreneurs gain access to a network of experienced mentors, industry experts, and potential investors, all working collaboratively to guide them on their journey towards success.

The presence of the SynergistEIC project at Techsylvania highlighted the commitment to fostering sustainable innovation and providing the necessary support for startups working on environmentally friendly solutions.

As Techsylvania continues to inspire and educate the tech community, the synergy between the conference and initiatives like SynergistEIC project creates an environment where groundbreaking ideas can flourish, leading to positive change and a sustainable future.

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