Watch our Startup Showcase Event !

Watch the pitch of our first 15 innovative SynergistEIC Startups!

SynergistEIC organized a Showcase Event featuring its 15 exceptional startups that have demonstrated impactful innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

The event was a celebration of groundbreaking ideas, visionary strategies, and the future of those top-performing startups.

The 15 selected SynergistEIC startups took center stage to pitch their revolutionary ideas and were assessed by a distinguished jury across various categories.

The event aimed to gather industry leaders, investors, and fellow enthusiasts from the wider European entrepreneurial ecosystem who share a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Each startup was pitching for 4 minutes each, followed by a 4 minutes of Q&A after each pitch. The startups were divided into 3 groups of 5 startups.

Group 1:

  • World from Space
  • Traken
  • AlongRoute
  • Konree Innovation

Group 2:

  • Agrovisio
  • Cedrion
  • Smart Farm Robotix
  • Zelus
  • Regrowth

Group 3:

  • Roboticssa
  • LightMirror
  • Archee

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