Innovative EU Procurement Recording Available Now

Unlock the secrets to successful, sustainable procurement with our workshop recording on “Innovative EU Procurement.”

This session, led by Cristina Balan, Sustainability Advisor & Mentor at Enterprise Europe Network, provides crucial insights for SMEs looking to thrive under EU sustainability requirements.

Highlights include:

1. Sustainability Requirements in EU Procurement: Understand the latest regulations and how they impact your procurement strategies, ensuring compliance and competitiveness.

2. Introduction to ISO 20400:2017: Get a concise overview of ISO 20400:2017, the standard for sustainable procurement, and learn how to integrate its principles into your practices.

3. Tips & Tricks for Compliance and Tender Success: Discover practical strategies to meet sustainability requirements and increase your chances of winning tenders.

About Cristina Balan:

Cristina Balan supports SMEs in adopting sustainable business models at Enterprise Europe Network. Her expertise spans sustainability reporting (GRI, UN SDGs, CDP), certified sustainability assurance (AA1000), ISO standards (20121 and 20400), corporate responsibility, impact assessment, and training.

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